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Banana in your home garden: Beauty and Healthy fruits





Imagine stepping outside your home, into your own lush, green oasis, where tropical fruits sway gently in the breeze. Bananas, with their vibrant leaves and delectable fruits, can transform any garden into a slice of paradise. In this blog post, we'll explore the joys of planting bananas in your home garden and provide you with essential tips to help you grow and care for these tropical delights.

Steps to setup banana in your home garden:

Steps to setup banana trees in your home garden

  1. Designing the land for growing bananas The place for planting bananas should be chosen so as it gives right focus on increasing the attraction of your garden rather than simply adjusting them in the garden. Keep them in the corners or make them focal point at the center as you wish. Remember that you are planting them both for fruits and beauty.
  2. Choosing the right banana varieties: Selecting a right variety of banana based on your local climate, available space to grow and your personal preference is very important. If you have small place to grow choosing a dwarf banana varieties that occupies less space is best, and if you have enough space, you can choose tall growing varieties that serve multiple purpose such as giving you tasty fruit, adds beauty to your garden and a cool shade during hot summer.
  3. Preparing the land for plantation and planting of suckers: You should focus on your soil type before planting the bananas. Well drained, sandy-loam soil is best for banana plantation. Note that the garden should be devoid of water logging. Since, the bananas have weak pseudostem, planting in wind-break areas is must. Now, dig your land around 50cm depth and 45cm width and mix the soil thoroughly with well decomposed compost or farmyard manure/animal dung. Fill the pit (hole) 10cm with the mixture and plant the healthy sword sucker of banana ( refer sword and water sucker of banana) in the pit and fill the pit hole with remaining soil-manure mixture or you can buy tissue-cultured planting materials if available in your area. Don't forget to irrigate the pit after planting and ensure proper drainage during high rainfall. Follow 1.5m to 2m spacing in between plants and rows.
  4. After care: Banana needs regular irrigation depending on rainfall (amount and frequency) of your area and climate (Hot or cold, dry or humid). Application of manure at 3 month intervals yield more fruiting plants. Also earthing up- is done when plants are about to attend fruiting age (done after 5-6 months). Plant protection measures from insects, pests and disease is must if you have seen prevalence of any of these.
  5. Harvesting of fruits: Bananas are ready to fruit after 9-15 months depending on the cultivars. When the fingers are mature ( leaves of the plant yellows and the floral parts of the fruits fall after little touch), cut the bunch and shade dry for half an hour to remove latex and follow artificial ripening methods to make fruit ready to eat.
  6. Using banana as aesthetics: Banana plants serves for beauty purpose in your home garden. You can trim lower leaves and shape them as you desire to beautify your garden. Enjoying the cool wind underneath the shadow of large leaves with your family gives you the best feelings of your life.



Embarking on the journey of growing bananas in your home garden not only provides you with a sustainable source of fruit but also offers a sense of accomplishment and the joy of sharing with friends and family. So, don't hesitate to follow the guidelines provided in this blog post, regardless of your gardening experience. With patience, care, and a little bit of green thumb, you'll soon be savoring the delectable taste of your very own homegrown bananas. Growing banana in your home garden is not only rewarding work experience but also a way to get sustainable fruits for you and your family.

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